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We Solve Your Estate Planning Needs

At, we do one thing, and we do it very well - we put you in contact with estate planners.

Based upon your financial profile, our system makes sure you get in touch with someone who is appropriate for your finances.

Manage Your Portfolio.

Looking for an estate planner to take care of your stock, mutual fund, and equity portfolio? There are tens of thousands to choose from. They aren't all alike or perfect, and not every one of them will be right for you.

To make sure your specific financial needs are matched with a portfolio manager whose strengths are ideal, we connect you with one of the largest and most actively updated estate planner databases in the country. Put it to work for you today.

Estate Planning.

If you're trying to sort out your estate - working on your will, establishing a trust, and ensuring what will happen to your money after you're no longer around to manage it, you know it can be a difficult experience.

Let us pair you with an estate planner that is experienced and smart, and can take you through the often tricky legal headaches of estate planning. In no time, you'll have your future plans sorted out in full.

Retirement Planning.

Planning for your retirement is more than just a monthly contribution into your 401(k). With an estate planner on the job, you can make sure your current finances are geared towards maximizing your retirement income.

Find an estate planner with the experience you need, and you can make sure every financial decision you're making today will leave you secure - well into the future.

Education Planning.

If you're saving for the expensive education of your children, you know there are very specific ways of doing it, and they aren't always clear or easy.

With one of the qualified estate planners we put you in contact with, you'll have the solutions you need to put your money to work, and your education planning will stay on the right track.
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