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March 28th, 2011

What is a Special Needs Trust?

(Estate Planners) - The special needs trust, which is sometimes referred to by the term ‘supplement needs trust’ is a trust that is designed to benefit a disabled child after your death. This trust involves the appointment of a trustee who will hold property for the child’s benefit. The special needs trust can provide for the child’s needs without legally disqualifying the child from receiving the benefit of government programs like Social Security, Supplement Security Income, or Medicaid.

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January 31st, 2011

What is a Generation Skipping Trust?

(Estate Planners) - A generation skipping trust is not just designed for the elite or wealthy. This type of trust provides a great way to safeguard any family’s assets from excess tax, creditors and ex-spouses looking for their “share” of the estate, just to name a few. The generation skipping trust also protects assets that might grow with time, like stocks.

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